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    Services Offered

    Absolute Asbestos Removal is committed to providing quality service by individually assessing and tailoring our services to our clients' specific needs.

    We have the experience and expertise to offer the following services for commercial, industrial, domestic and public premises:

    • Removal and disposal of all forms of asbestos material class A and class B—insulation and lagging (friable), vinyl floor tiles, contaminated soil, asbestos adhesive, asbestos cement sheeting (non friable), etc.
    • Asbestos encapsulation
    • Project management of asbestos removal projects. Absolute Asbestos Removal endeavours to maintain a low project profile presence causing minimal interruption to business activities
    • Demolition incidental to asbestos removal. Also, whole house leaving clean site or partial/strip-out demolitions—domestic, commercial, industrial
    • Site cleaning and decontamination of asbestos contaminated areas
    • Asbestos pick up service, transport and disposal. As per WorkSafe Regulations, all asbestos materials must be wrapped correctly and disposed of at an approved asbestos waste site. We have 3 EPA approved vehicles which can transport asbestos for disposal at one of these approved sites.
    • Emergency response for asbestos incidents
    • Management of asbestos materials in the workplace
    • Floor grinding to remove asbestos adhesive from concrete